To-Do list

ItemDescriptionComplete DateLink
Random wandering Implement random vector addition in navigation model to avoid unrealistic tangential movement 5th April  
Acceleration model Combine rule weightings with an acceleration model to simulate the dynamic constraints a real flocking agent experiences 30th March Sliding Rules
Flocking user interface modelling Draft a user interface to allow control of all dynamic variables used in the flocking simulation using CSS 24th March UI Design
Flocking user interface implementation Implement Java Swing user interface giving dynamic feedback on all variables used in the flocking algorithm 27th March UI Implementation
Obstacles Add random static obstacle generation into the simulation. Implement obstacle avoidance in the collision avoidance algorithm 3rd April Obstacle avoidance
Saveable interface configurations Sessions of user interface settings should be mave saveable (to aid recoverability)    
Individual agent attributes Each agent should have subtle variations in dynamic constraints to mirror real world flocking species    
Agent perception visualisation Users should be provided with a representation of each agent's perception model following any changes 31st March  
Predator FSM design Design the behaviours associated with the stages of predation. Design the FSM flow.    
Code clean up Create a new class housing the most commonly used geometric methods by both agents and predators 4th April